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About Scott Perry & Creative On Purpose

About Find Creative On Purpose

Are you realizing your potential? Do you have a nagging sense that you could do more, or better, maybe even better for more? Wonder if you could find more fulfillment and joy in and through your work?

Whatever creative or artistic enterprise you're engaged in, there's always room for improvement. You can develop your craft with greater intention. You can deliver work that matters to the right people. You can have a significant impact. And you can leave a lasting legacy.

But, how?

The first step is adopting the posture of an artist. Be more mindful of the motivation behind your work, the development of your craft, and become comfortable sharing it with those that need it.

The next step is dialing in your creative purpose. Identify your unique "gift." Find the intersection of your values and talents and then connect with those that share your values and need your talents to enhance their lives.

Finally, you need to adopt a thriving artist's mindset. The journey to excellence in an endeavor will be fraught with failure and frustration, but you will succeed by using fear to fuel your work, seeking out helpful feedback, and building healthy relationships.

Creative OnPurpose: Find Fulfillment Doing Work That Matters With People You Love provides principles and a step-by-step process for doing all of this. The Handbook clearly explains the concepts and provides easy exercises to put them into action right away. You'll experience results and a greater sense of well-being from the opening chapter and expanded flourishing as you grow and develop as an artist in any endeavor you're ready to level up in. 

A great place to start is with the free assessment, What's Holding You Back from Doing the Work You're meant to do? Get guided and get going now!

About Scott Perry, Author of Creative On Purpose

Scott Perry inspires creative people like you to achieve their potential as artists in any endeavor in which you seek excellence. Adopting the posture of an artist requires intentionally developing your craft and delivering meaningful work to those that need it. With lessons drawn from Stoic philosophy, Scott helps you master the mindset of a thriving Artist.

Cultivating your craft and sharing your work with purpose and integrity is challenging, but rewarding. Scott's done it for over 30 years as a professional musician and teacher and experienced a sense of flourishing every step of the way. He's here to help you do the same!

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