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"Scott will open your eyes to a different way of doing work that matters. His generous, persistent, consistent belief in our ability to level up and contribute comes through. This is time well spent."

Seth Godin
Author, Speaker, Ruckus Maker

"Scott lives the brand: creative on purpose."

Michael Bungay Stanier
Author of The Coaching Habit

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"Scott Perry is a wealth of wisdom. One conversation with him can uplift, empower, and transform your career."

Maya P. Lim
Senior Creative Producer at Design Observer

"Scott's take on creativity is spot on, and I encourage everyone who reads this message to join his vibrant community."

Anthony A. Long
Professor of Classics, Berkeley

"Scott Perry's insights, knowledge and marvelous ability to engage provide depth and breadth of knowledge. The information that he shares can refresh, inspire, revitalize, and enhance the awareness about the choices we make for creating happier and healthier lives."

Dr. Debbie Joffe Ellis
REBT Psychologist and adjunct professor at Columbia University

"In a world that tries to hook artists on 'passion', Scott's is a voice of reason, discipline and the courage to 'ship.'"

Chris Tygesen
Husband & Father

""Thanks for the thought-and-action-provoking work you do, Scott. You’re a great inspiration for us all to put our values into motion!""

Angela Beeching
The Professional Musician's Roadmap

Be Creative On Purpose

An innovative approach for achieving excellence through doing more work that matters with and for people who care.

Tap Into Your Promise

Your "gift" is the intersection of your values and talents. The Creative On Purpose process helps you identify and deliver the work you're meant to do now.

Passion Is Not Enough

Passion is fuel, but purpose is the engine. CoP promotes fulfillment by identifying your purpose and developing a healthy relationship with fear, criticism, status, and prosperity.

Engage With Impact

Increase your effectiveness and impact by developing your empathy "muscle" and generously share your excellence with the right audience and collaborators.

"Scott pushes you to find the answer that's been staring right at you for so long. He's my go to when things don't seem to make sense, and he finds a way to bring clarity to tough situations."

Daniel Gershburg
Real Estate Lawyer

"I think the world needs Scott's brand of leadership and inspiration to do the 'real' work."

Cheryl Johnson
Box Lunch Lifestyle

"This handbook is, first and foremost, for creative. It sets forth a program of guidance and exercises based. It is a valuable work to be pulled out often."

Kit Wells
Yorkshire Television

"Thank you, Scott, for helping me find my path to meaningful work and satisfied living."

Mary Alzire Papadopoulos
Proposal Writer & Manager

"Thank you for your time. Your comments were just what I needed. Insightful, inspiring and motivational. I look forward to the next time. "

Jon Journey

Scott Perry, Founder of
Creative On Purpose

Thriving creatives and professionals are driven by purpose. Purpose-driven work cultivates passion, prosperity, and well-being.

My work as a musician, teacher, and coach is fraught with the same challenges, obstacles, and frustrations you face.

Employing the tools and concepts shared here at Creative On Purpose helps me see the opportunities in these moments and engage my life and work with curiosity, courage, and creativity. This enhances my life and the lives of those I work with and for.

It's time to experience less frustration and more fulfillment in the important work you do.

The process is detailed in my ebook, The Stoic Creative.

Questions? Drop me an email.

Stoicism & Creativity Roundtable Discussion

A chat about thriving through purposeful creation with Christopher Gill, Professor Emeritus of Ancient Thought at the University of Exeter.


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