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Assertions That Transform

Step Into "What's Next" with Integrity and Intention

Of Shame and Sufficiency

Shame is an invitation you do not have to accept.

There is no shame in sufficiency.

You can’t advance any endeavor without making mistakes. Getting things "right" involves going through a lot of "wrong."

And some of those "wrong" choices come with a heaping helping of regret. And when regret appears, you can be sure that shame is following close behind.

But here's the thing, when shame comes to visit, you don't have to extend it an invitation to stay for a week or even overnight. You’re not required to ask shame to lunch or tea.

Don't draw the shades and lock the door. That only encourages shame to hang around. And shame is very patient and extremely persistent.

Instead, meet shame at the door and thank it.

"Thank you, Shame, for coming by. Your presence indicates I have work to do. A mistake to own, an apology and amends to make. Sitting with you, for even a minute, will only get in the way of the important work I must do. So, thanks again for stopping by, I'm quite...

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