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The Virtues of Enrollment (and the Perils of Inertia)

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2018

It begins, like an itch, with awareness. You see a challenge or an opportunity.

You pay attention. The itch intensifies. You begin to ask questions like  "What's going on here?" "Is this worth paying attention to?" and "I wonder what happens next?"

It's time to decide. Are you scratching the itch or ignoring it? Are you going to enroll in this endeavor? If you do it can change the way you feel, see, or engage with the world. If you don't, one thing is certain. Nothing will change.

Inertia is the tool of the status quo. The status quo is a force that keeps you humble, hiding, unfulfilled, and asleep. Enrollment is the tool of the change agent. Enrollment is a force that drives the ruckus maker, the potential developer, and the wide awake.

So what's it going to be today? Inertia or enrollment?

It's your journey. Choose well. 

And keep flying higher!



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