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The Fog of Craft

personal development Jan 07, 2019

Tactics are so numerous in the digital age. Analytics, metrics, ads, boosts, 7-step systems, hacks, tricks, etc. abound. And they're soooo bloody seductive!

So are the many invitations to develop technique. Blogs, books, YouTube videos, online courses, and famous successful people promising to "show you the way."

"The fog of craft." Getting lost in the weeds of tactics and technique. Stuck in the "just in case" learning cycle. Sinking in the quicksand of minutiae.

What's the antidote?

Stop succumbing to the seduction of "easy" and "later." Replace it with the power of "do" and "now."

Set a small goal. Develop a strategy. Choose the one smallest step you can imagine to make progress toward that goal. Align your goal, strategy, and tactic with your values, talents, and tribe. Then, go.

Progress is made by leaning into the work and learning through the process of try and test. Reflect and iterate. Rinse and repeat.

Bonus insight. The digital age is the age of "just in time" learning. As you engage with the process of trying, testing, reflecting, and iterating questions and challenges will arise. The answers and solutions are now just a few keystrokes away. No need to pause!

Keep flying higher!


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