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Start with Who

personal development Apr 22, 2019

Who are you? Who do you seek to serve? Who are your collaborators? Who’s in your tribe? Who are your fellow travelers?

These questions are worth asking with intention and answering with integrity at the beginning of any worthwhile enterprise. Get the “who” right and you’ve done “the hard part” first. The what, where, and even the why of the work you're meant to do now will reveal themselves more quickly and clearly when you’re working with the “right” people.

Great ideas, vision, and community can fulfill their promise only when you're surrounded by great people.

Before you decide what you want to do and where you want to go, it’s important to remember that the journey almost always takes longer than you think and you may end up somewhere different than you first intend.

It’s easier to change what you’re working on or toward with the “right” people." The “right” people don’t need motivating and managing. The “right” people are self-motivated and self-regulated.

The wrong people on the right journey rarely get anywhere worth the time and trouble and often suffer every step of the way. The right people can always find a journey worth pursuing and thrive every step of the way.

Who are the "right people?" It might help to start with yourself. Who are you? What are your core values and guiding principles? What are your core talents and skills?

Getting clarity in those areas about yourself positions you to connect with others who share your values and need your talents. You can then convene and collaborate in a way that enhances the prospects for everyone convened.


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