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personal development Feb 03, 2019

My wife and I homeschooled our sons. We invested much of that time in cultivating a love for storytelling. The boys were not only avid readers but also developed a love for crafting tales in various ways.

They also had a knack for “inventing” words to “better” describe things that existing words just didn’t adequately capture. For instance, Spencer, our oldest son’s favorite thing to do was “celegrate.” Spencer wasn’t just “grateful to celebrate” birthdays and holidays. He “celegrated” everything from peanut butter sandwiches and naptime to family gatherings and outings.

When I asked our youngest, Emerson, how his day was, his response was, “productful.” With Emerson, “fulfilling productivity” rarely included his math and Spanish homework. More often it was all the “treasure” he collected and “forts” he built on his rambling adventures around our thirty-eight-acre farm after school with our border collies Jack and Flop.

The boys are grown and gone, but “celegrate” and “productful” are words still actively used by all of us. They inform and inspire every endeavor that I apply myself to and encourage my flourishing and prospering every step of the way. I wish the very same for you.

What step can you take right now to make progress toward the world in which you want your loved ones and planetary “neighbors” to live? What habits and actions can you build today to be more “productful” and “celegrate” every challenge opportunity and success?

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