"Perfect In Every Way"

personal development Apr 28, 2019

How do you reply to queries that come up in the everyday exchange of pleasantries? You know, questions like "How are you?" or "How's everything going?"

My response is "Perfect in every way."

Am I a Pollyanna or just delusional? I mean really, even the magical Mary Poppins was only "Practically perfect in every way!" 

Let me explain. I know I'm not perfect in every way and neither is "everything." But at the moment that someone asks me how I am or how everything is going, I am who and where I am. And I find both myself and the circumstances "perfect in every way" simply because they are as they are.

And in the moment I'm answering these questions is my opportunity to frame who I am and how things are. I can then make an assertion about who I want to be and how I can make things better. Then I am afforded the gift of being able to choose the next best step forward into those possibilities.

I will, of course, do all of this imperfectly. "Everything" will not turn out as I planned. But everything will unfold as it should. I will then, again, be perfectly positioned to frame myself and the situation. And again I'll have the opportunity to decide "what's next."

"How are you?" "How are things going?" How are you answering these questions today? 

Let's keep flying higher together!


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