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personal development Nov 05, 2018

Grace is the act of extending forgiveness or mercy. The word itself comes from the same root as that of gratitude and is embedded deeply into the practices of generosity as well. Grace requires and promotes excellence of character which includes both moral virtue and ethical will.

Grace is central to many of the world’s religions and the most impactful social movements. Turning the other cheek, forgiving those who cause you harm, and embracing anguish and misfortune are powerful and moving responses to the most trying situations.

Nothing is more challenging than the pursuit and practice of grace. That is why it is so valued and worth your persistent effort.

Only grace leads to enlightenment, wisdom, and transcendence. And grace begins with you.

How can you possibly extend forgiveness and mercy to others if you haven’t yet extended them to yourself? You are an imperfect being, a broken vessel carrying around a fragile soul. Be kind to yourself, and you’ll find it much easier to be kind to others.

Be full of grace.

Keep flying higher!


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