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Are You "Winning" in the Game of Life?

personal development Sep 24, 2018

In the game of life, are you playing a finite game or an infinite game?

James Carse's short book about this is worth tracking down and reading.

The Finite Game Approach to Life

A finite game has clear rules and ends with clear winners and clear losers. 

Winning a finite game of life means following the rules. Do as you're told, get schooled, get a job, get promoted, get married, have kids, get a big house, buy a lot of stuff, etc. This game ends in fortune and status.

That is if you win.

But in order for you and your "team" to win, others and their team must lose.

You know people who are playing the finite game of life. Are they the happiest, healthiest, and most human folks you know? 

A finite game isn't very satisfying because it's out of alignment with our natural impulse to present, grateful, and serve others.

A Different Approach - The Infinite Game of Life

An infinite game has a different intent, to be able to keep playing. This can only happen if those you are playing with can keep playing too.

In the infinite game approach to life, the point is for all to thrive and prosper. To do that means everyone playing has a vested interest in helping the other players thrive and prosper as well.

The object isn’t “winning” or “getting it right.” All you need to do is get it right enough to be able to play again tomorrow. If you're intentional and play with integrity, you'll do so and be both wiser and more skilled.

You enhance your life by enhancing the lives of others. Aligning your interests with those of others leads to greater fulfillment and happiness. Everyone wins.

Conclusion and a Question

You're already a player in the game of life. Which game are you playing?

Keep flying higher!


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