**Scott's Next Book Launches in November, 2018!**

The Creative On Purpose Mastermind

What Is the Creative On Purpose Mastermind?

The Creative On Purpose Mastermind is an online community for those already engaged with the CoP approach to stepping into "what's next" with integrity and intention. If you’re ready to fly higher in an endeavor that makes a difference, I invite you to join us.

Who's Scott Perry?

I’m a husband, father, teacher, and musician. I'm a coach in Seth Godin's The Marketing Seminar and The Bootstrappers Workshop and the founder of Creative On Purpose. I'm also the author of The Stoic Creative Handbook and your guide in this Mastermind.

Who Should Join the Mastermind?

You’re here because you’re already familiar with the Creative On Purpose approach. If it resonates and you're ready to develop and deliver work that enhances your life by enhancing the lives of others, the Creative On Purpose Mastermind is for you.

The Mastermind meets in a video conference three times every month to provide ongoing training, answer questions, check-in on progress updates, and lead feedback and accountability sessions.

In addition, there is an archive of great content inside to access anytime. This includes exclusive content like the Mastermind training and meeting replays, over 100 blog posts and over 60 replays of the Creative On Purpose Broadcast, all designed to help inform and inspire your journey toward well-being through work worth doing.

How Do I Learn More?

Join the Creative on Purpose Mastermind so that we can continue to develop our potential and deliver on our promise together. Learn about all the Mastermind features and benefits by taking the free 24-hour tour. Then join by the month, or save 25% with an annual membership.

What’s Next?

Everyone's a Creative. Everyone has a purpose. It’s time to start developing and delivering on your potential and promise. This Mastermind is made up of fellow travelers cultivating excellence by enhancing the lives of others through meaningful endeavors. I hope you’ll join us.

It’s time to be creative on purpose!


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