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Who's It For?

Satisfied with the status quo or ready to make change happen? Creative On Purpose is a process for tapping into your promise and developing your potential.

What's It For?

Excellence is cultivated through work that enhances the lives of others. The Creative On Purpose approach encourages participants to step into "what's next" with curiosity, courage, and the will to make things better. 

There are inevitable obstacles and challenges in every worthwhile pursuit that you must contend with. However, leaning into these endeavors with intention and integrity nurtures purpose, passion, prosperity, and possibility.

Who's Scott Perry?

Scott Perry is a husband, father, teacher, musician, and catalyst for transformation.

How It's Delivered

Scott offers the basic Creative On Purpose concepts and process in a 20-minute "TED Talk." For a deeper dive, a longer workshop-style option is available. Participants receive a complementary copy of Scott's handbook, Endeavor Better.

It's time to be creative on purpose! Let's go!

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"Scott lives the brand: Creative On Purpose." Michael Bungay Stanier, The Coaching Habit

"Scott's take on creativity is spot on." A. A. Long, Professor of Classics at Berkeley

"A wealth of wisdom. One conversation with Scott will transform your career." Maya P. Lim, Associate Editor, Design Observer

"Just what I needed. Insightful, inspiring and motivational." Jon Joury, Engineer


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