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The Creative On Purpose Members-Only Mastermind

Creative On Purpose Members-Only Mastermind

The Members-Only Mastermind is Under Construction & Launches on May 1st, 2018!

The Creative On Purpose Mastermind is a membership site for those who have engaged with the COP handbook, workshop, or other events and desire to continue to develop their potential and deliver significant work to an audience that needs it.

The COP Mastermind provides on-going training and Q&A sessions as well as community of fellow travelers that provide accountability and feedback to those engaged in meaningful endeavors.

Membership Features & Benefits

Upon Joining

  • Free PDF edition of Creative On Purpose Handbook
  • Access to Entire Site Archives

Monthly Features

  • Beginning of Month Training (1-hour webinar workshop)
    • Presented Scott, a special guest, or a VIP member
  • Mid-Month Live Check-In/Q&A (1-hour Zoom Webinar followed by 1-hour break-out session of accountability and mini-mastermind cohorts)
  • Accountability Doc./30-Day Challenge
  • Members-Only Forum

Weekly Features

  • Email Newsletter
    • Quote & Food for Thought
    • Writing for Awareness Prompt
    • Ask Scott Anything
    • Favorite Resource

Members-Only Access

  • Accountability Partnerships & Cohorts
  • Break-Out Mini-Mastermind Sessions
  • COP Broadcast Replays
  • Resource Guide
    • Books
    • Vids
    • Sites/Blogs
    • Apps
    • Monthly Training and Q&A Replay Archive
  • The Stoa - Stoicism-based Resources & Tools
    • Meet the Modern Stoics Broadcast Archives
    • Stoicism 101 Mini-Course
    • Recommended Stoic Resources
      • Books
      • YouTube Vids
      • Sites/Blogs
      • Apps

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