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The Creative On Purpose Mastermind

The Creative On Purpose Mastermind is a membership site for those engaging with CoP content who are ready to go further.

These are people who resonate with the CoP promise of cultivating excellence through endeavors that make a difference. The CoPMM provides ongoing training, resources, and support to help members engage their curiosity and courage while they develop and deliver on their potential through work that matters.

Membership Features & Benefits

Upon Joining

  • Free PDF edition of The Stoic Creative Handbook
  • Access to Entire Site Archives

Monthly Features

  • Monthly Challenge - a group sprint to learn and employ a CoP concept or tool
    • Presented in 4 short weekly assignments
  • Beginning of Month Training (30-minute webinar workshop)
    • Presented by Scott, a special guest, or a VIP member
  • Mid-Month Live Check-In/Q&A (30-minute Zoom Webinar followed by 30-minute break-out session for accountability and mini-mastermind cohorts)
  • Accountability Doc./30-Day Challenge
  • Members-Only Forum

Weekly Features

  • Email Newsletter
    • Inspiring Quote & Insight
    • Writing for Awareness Prompt
    • Ask Scott Anything
    • A Favorite Resource

Members-Only Access

  • Past Monthly Training and Q&A Replays
  • Accountability Partnerships & Cohorts
  • Break-Out Mini-Mastermind Sessions
  • COP Broadcast Replays
  • Resource Guide
    • Books
    • Vids
    • Sites/Blogs
    • Apps
    • Monthly Training and Q&A Replay Archive
  • The Stoa - Stoicism-based Resources & Tools
    • Meet the Modern Stoics Broadcast Archives
    • Stoicism 101 Mini-Course
    • Recommended Stoic Resources
      • Books
      • YouTube Vids
      • Sites/Blogs
      • Apps

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“Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.” - Epictetus


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